Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, is scheduled to visit Seoul in December to meet one of their major partners, Samsung Electronics. The visit was planned as part of an effort to accelerate the pace of Intel to diversify its portfolio into mobile devices. Brian Krzanich plans to meet top executives from Samsung and LG during his stay in South Korea.

“Krzanich as Intels CEO will visit Korea next month. Intel needs a substantial support from Samsung and LG to improve their mobile business and thus the processors,”  an unnamed industry source told The Korea Times. The official said that Intel is now scheduling business meetings with top executives like  like Shin Jong-kyun (JK Shin) of Samsung and Park Jong-seok, head of LG’s mobile division.

However, Park Min-jin, a spokesman of Intel Korea, said that he had no information about its CEO visiting Korea. At the same time Samsung and LG officials refused to confirm the information so it looks like there will be a meeting in closed chambers.

As Samsung has started actions to break the dependence on Google over Android software, Krzanich expected to talk with Samsung on how to enhance the development of Tizen software, officials said. Once again it’s an indication of the way Samsung wants to have an independent mobile OS but also wants to be less dependent on a chip infrastructure, As the same source quoted: “Because Samsung is excited to strengthen the business of logic chip manufacturing, the latest of Intel’s decision to open a plant  will be greeted with enthusiasm. Intel can produce logic chips for Samsung on a contract basis, and Samsung can access confidential data for the Intel chip manufacturing. This is a win-win strategy for both Samsung and Intel, “the source said. “Samsung is potentially one of the largest customer for chip manufacturer Intel, said the official concerned.

As with LG Electronics, Intel is likely to ask LG to share key information about their products, like the electric vehicles, such as being build by Renault and General Motors. Knowing these customers’ requirements will help Intel to further improve sales of the Intel Atom processor brand, said the source. “Given LG increasing their focus on strengthening the business components for vehicles, Intel plans to deliver their knowledge in chips, while LG will partner for the Atom processor to be used in car infotainment systems for the upcoming electric vehicles,” said an official at LG.

Intel seems to want to attract the main automakers by joining the consortium Automotive Grade Linux using Tizen IVI software, jointly developed by Intel and their Atom chips.


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