Korean Mobile Carriers Testing Tizen ProtoTypes

With Tizen on the Horizon we see more Carriers testing the devices / prototypes to make sure it was fulfil their expectations. It can only mean that devices are soon .
Nov 19, 2013

With Tizen poised for centre stage (a little bit of drama), we knew that it was being tested by various Mobile Carriers world wide.

Today ZDnet Korean reports that a prototype smartphone running Tizen is now being tested live by Korean mobile operators. Well, tickle me pink and call me shirley. You mean Korean Mobile Carriers are testing Tizen in .... Korea, the home of Samsung!!!! Wow. (sarcasm) 🙂


But what this does do is to confirm that Tizen is a reality, Tizen is almost here and devices will be available soon in Korea. No additional details have been given as yet but if you do feel like sharing anything you can use our contribute page to contact us!




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