Quixey Joins Tizen Association Partner Program to improve app finding

Devices, from ships to refrigerators, phones and climate systems, are interconnected at an ever increasing speed. Quixey is a Tizen Association partner that has insight into the Development of the Platform ecosystem
JohnPeter Elverding
Nov 22, 2013

Devices, from ships to refrigerators, phones  and climate systems, are interconnected at an ever increasing speed. And that calls for a simple platform: Unified and open source. A platform that contains a lot of apps and all these apps need to be found and used in a simple, clean way. Quixey’s goal as a Tizen Association partner is to incorporate the user’s way of deciding to the development of Tizen. In order to enable all kinds of apps for all kind of devices and machines the "store" has to be open to all suppliers and prevent it from becoming encapsulated to one supplier,  like some smartphone stores have become.

As a Tizen partner, Quixey joins companies like eBay, McAfee, Sharp, and The Weather Channel that are collaborating to bring a new level of innovation and openness to connected devices.

“Quixey is the gateway to great apps on any platform or device,” said Guru Gowrappan, Executive Vice President of Product at Quixey. “In an increasingly connected world, no single organization should control how users interact with information and devices. Our involvement with Tizen reflects a commitment to helping users find the best apps across all platforms and devices.”

As a Tizen Association Partner Program member, Quixey can join Tizen Association Working Groups and be part of the discussion at Tizen Association meetings. Having insight into the development of the Tizen OS will help Quixey continue guiding users to the best apps available on any device.

“One of the biggest benefits of Tizen to partners is the absence of application or feature mandates, allowing the OS to be customized based on what it is best for the end customer,” said Ryoichi Sugimura, a Tizen Association Board Member from NTT DOCOMO. “By democratizing this portion of the product development, Tizen is driving increased innovation and competition in the industry.”

About Quixey:

Quixey is The Search Engine for Apps – searching mobile, desktop, web, and browser apps. Quixey invented a new type of search, Functional Search™, that allows users to find apps by searching for what they want to do. Quixey partners with major app stores, search engines, manufacturers, carriers and web platforms to power app search globally, while the Quixey mobile app brings the power of Functional Search direct to consumers. Quixey also provides Sponsored Apps, allowing apps to target users at the point of discovery.

For more information, please visit www.quixey.com.



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