Samsung develops a transparent screen within the Tizen IVI concept

Samsung has developed a transparent screen within the Tizen IVI Concept. Checkout the Video to see what a TIzen IVI future could hold for you :-)
JohnPeter Elverding
Nov 25, 2013

The first time we could see the Samsung Transparent Touch screen was back in 2010 on an IceTouch MP3 player. The smart window for advertising was announced at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas  and this time Samsung has come up with a new application for that technology: In vehicle infotainment. Enabled thanks to the Tizen IVI.

 I'm a dreamer and a driver and most of time they don't collide. But let me dream about a vehicle with a windscreen that I can see through with my own eyes but also with additional camera eyes:. Night vision to spot cyclists and runners (Over here  in rural Netherlands their preferred color of clothing is black!) but also to spot wildlife like deer and wild boars. Yeah, been there, done that.
Would have saved me a lot of hassle and the boar might have sired many more piglets. A navigation that gives of directions I can see without reading glasses (which hamper safe driving) and, now I'm dreaming anyway: How about a filter that will reduce blindingly ill-adjusted xenon lights?

The video you're about to look at gives you an inkling of an idea, a glimpse of the screens that might be. It's what a driver/user one day might accept to be as normal as windshield wipers. And it's not just for "your own car": It can also communicate with the cars around you.


A video: Drive into a future?


This might seem farfetched but in the Netherlands emergency services are using FM and radio messaging to inform you that you are between the fire fighters and a fire, or the paramedics and an urgent call. It operates along the traffic signal and should use either or both your radio and an online navigation system.

We're just a few minutes away from living in the future and Tizen will be an important part of out day to day life. Samsung proves it with this concept!


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