Tizen 3.0 and Samsung: A perfect introduction takes time.

Will we see an introduction of the Tizen 3.0 mobile software at the developers conference in Seoul? Perfection takes time and makes curious!
JohnPeter Elverding
Nov 7, 2013

OK, so we should be able to get reports from the introduction of Tizen 3.0, next week at the developer conference in Seoul. Yep, I'm cool with that. But does it mean Santa will drop a "TzOne" in my wooden shoe next month? Alas..

In it's laudable thrive to produce a mobile OS that is near faultless, developers, marketers and executives take their time. And that's a good thing because Samsung won't get a second chance for a first impression on the markets. However, perfection might also be an Achilles heel as other mobile OS's are ready to go to market. If they fail, the market will still be open for a new mobile OS but if they succeed it will make Tizen struggle for it's market share. And of course, they being Jolla's Sailfish, Firefox and Ubuntu.

Or so it seems. Tizen is backed by a massive and successful company that creates it's own demand. Just for starters. Smart phones, phablets and tablets are just one part of the targeted devices. We see an influx of web-driven appliances like central heating and office climate management. Fridges. Ovens…  So I am not too worried about having to wait a while for perfection. It's just that I'm in need of a new, spectacularly good cell phone that I can make "my own".

The latest version will most likely show a flat design that echos Samsungs' own Touchwiz, that many of us know from hands-on experience with our own Android based Samsung.


The London Conference

Tizen 3.0 to be unveiled on November 11 in developer conference in Seoul | SamMobile.



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