Tizen is Alive and Starts Kicking!

JohnPeter Elverding
Nov 6, 2013

Timing and marketing are planned in weeks where as other products take months, or years to develop. An all new OS for smart phones, phablets and wearable devices that can also be used for in-vehicle systems takes a tremendous effort and introducing it to the public with a lot of bugs would mean the end of it. So none of the stakeholders really wants to name dates. Not for the software, not for the hardware. But it's coming: Stronger, Better and Leaner!

At the Intel Software Innovation Forum (ISIF) of October 31 in Tokyo, Japan, there has been a special session for the speakers of the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) and the Tizen Association. It was clear that a full introduction in 2013 will not be feasible. However, better news seemed to be that there will likely be a global introduction.

Ryoichi Sugimura, Director of the Global Alliance for Strategic Marketing Department at NTT DoCoMo operator and Officer of Tizen Association, when answering questions from journalists, admitted that they are now looking for the best times. And of course all their efforts will be on a date in the very near future. "I think it will not be long," he said. .

Jong-Deok Choi (Choi JD), Executive Vice President  of Samsung Electronics Software Center, and co-Chair of the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG), describes the various features in Tizen 2.2. One unique feature is the 2.2 Tizen Box and Drop Dynamic View, a function which is based on a widget to improve usability. Detailed description of the Dynamic Drop Box and View can be seen here . Whcih is nice if you can read Japanese but I'm sure we can get you a better post on this later this year.

According to VP Choi, the Tizen version 2.2 has support for mobile and  In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI). Good news for many owners of smart phones that do not have gigantic RAM and ROM, there will be two flavours. For the low-end (or older) phones there will a Mobile Light version where the newer, high end devices will benefit from the Tizen Mobile Full software. As is to be expected, both screen resolution and capabilities define the options on "your" device.

In the second quarter of 2014, the VP Choi said that it plans to upgrade to Tizen 3.0. This will broaden the types of devices to be able to benefit from Tizen as it will eventually be used in Smart TV-sets, cameras. printers, house hold devices but also wearables like the smart watch and smart glasses. Now that's what I'd like to pre-test!

Next to Ryoichi Sugimura of NTT DoCoMo and JD Choi from Samsung,the ISIF 2013 event was also attended by Christopher Croteau, who served as a board member on the Tizen Association and who is the managing director of System Software Division at Intel.

(Editor JP:)  I feel we are reaching the end of a waiting era, the end of a long period of waiting. And truly, I cannot wait to get my first hands on experience with the first smart phone of a successful line! Please powers that be!



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