Tizen DevLab and Hackathon Seattle 6 - 7 December 2013

Its time for another Tizen Hackathon. This time its in the Seattle in the US. So if you want to port your existing application to Tizen or build a new one then along !!!!
Nov 26, 2013

Its time for another Tizen DevLab and Hackathon you lucky people!.

Tizen is in need of Passionate Developers, Pretty much like YOU! So if you can make it to Seattle and have an existing App you want to port over to Tizen or want to write a new application for Tizen, then come along, this HACK is for YOU!

BeMyApp and Intel have teamed up yet again for a DevLab and Hack and will take you through the SDK and offer you support to get your application up and going. Want more incentives? They will also be awarding cash prizes for the best apps created and/or ported during the hack.

Head on over to the BeMyApp website for further details

*Please note that YOU will retain ownership copyright on all of your code and ideas.



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