Tizen Lite to Target Low End SmartPhones

Nov 13, 2013

We are all waiting for Tizen to launch and living in the hope that we are going to see top end devices delivery top end performance as promised by Samsung on several occasions.



At the Tizen Developer Summit we learnt more about the features of Tizen 3.0 and one important bit was the support for low end smartphones, support in the form of Tizen Lite.

The requirements start at just 256Mb of RAM, 512Mb ROM and support for HVGA and QVGA screens. Standard Tizen on Smartphones needs at leasr 512Mb RAM, 1Gb ROM and support for HD / WVGA screens. This enables Tizen to compete with Androids Kit Kat 4.4 and Windows Mobile for the "Volume Market", which is becoming increasingly attractive as hardware becomes cheaper and every manufacturer is already competing in the "Flagship Super SmartPhone" race. This was a market that Nokia has a good share of and had thought of it as being exclusively Nokia land and if they went forward with MeeGo or Meltimi it might have been, but that was then, this is now!


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