Tizen Rules St. Petersburg This Week with Workshops and a 2 Day Hackathon.

Great News, Another Tizen Hackathon & workshop this time its in St. Petersburg. Want to get a Tizen App coded ? Well come along to the best place to get it done.
JohnPeter Elverding
Nov 25, 2013

OK, so you want to be a Tizen programmer, developer or just a guru? This week you'll have a brilliant excuse to visit St. Petersburg in Russia. Workshops, a challenge and many people to meet!

Off-topic though pretty important too: It's one of the most beautiful cities you can visit (and of my most favorite) so just let the future of Tizen technology be an important excuse for a trip, say to the Hermitage! That would be a great place to relax after workshops and that 2 day challenge!

But of course it's the Tizen technology that will draw you to Saint Petersburg. On the first day, which is free to join and open to all, training courses will help you to speed up your place in the Tizen landscape. Those workshops are not just by the nice people from the FRUCT at the State Electrotechnical University but it's also supported by experts of Samsung and Intel. And of course you can join the Hackathon!


The Hackathon is not just a challenge, it's a marathon for the best! Participants are given 2 days. Two days to create a project from scratch to (working) prototype and present it to the jury! It's not just about non-stop coding but also about teamwork, being competitive and being successful! You'll be taken care of with smart food for the designers and anyone working on the project!

Tizen DevLab will be held November 28, 2013 (Thursday) Those that are participating in DevLab will not only get the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops! The workshops will be given by professionals from Intel and Samsung and they'll be around to give you individual advice on the development of a system of Tizen. You'' also get some training flash drives with a full set of customized software for the development of a system of Tizen
You are welcome at building number 5 of the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI", at Prof. Popov, 3 ( ​​this is the entrance ). There re will be a video conferencing room on the 1st floor. .

And please: Don't come without a laptop!There are some the minimum system requirements , with a pre-installed version of with the correct version Tizen SDK . It's best to register beforehand as the number of places is limited!

The program Tizen DevLab

November 28, 2013 (Thursday) 
ETU "LETI", building 5, room video conferencing, 1st floor

10:00 45m Registration: DevLab issuing materials and communication: 
Each participant receives a bootable USB flash drive with an installed Tizen SDK
10:45 15m Introduction to the Tizen platform, its tools and resources: 
Overview to Tizen software tools and resources
11:00 30m Overview Tizen SDK: Introduction and overview of working with Tizen SDK
11:30 30m Coffee break: Time to relax, socialize with colleagues, ask questions, coaches and support personnel, and to complete the installation of your SDK
12:00 60m Overview Tizen Web Runtime API and devices: 
Introduction to HTML5 web runtime API and devices
13:00 30m Laboratory work on Tizen № 1: 
The first practical experience of development under the Tizen SDK using
13:30 30m Coffee and chat with the other participants: 
Time to relax, socialize with colleagues, ask questions, coaches and support personnel, complete laboratory work 1
14:00 30m Native development using Tizen SDK 
Lecture on methods development using native Tizen SDK
14:30 45m Demonstration applications for the development of hybrid Tizen 
Master class demonstration and development of hybrid applications for Tizen
15:15 30m Coffee and chat participants: 
Time to relax, socialize with colleagues, ask questions and coaches form teams and register for Hackathon
15:45 60m The principle of constructing user interface Tizen: 
Introduction and overview of UI elements in Tizen
16:45 45m Community participants, registration teams Hackaton, individual counseling 
Networking with colleagues, get individual advice from coaches and support staff, beginning work on projects Hackaton
17:30 Completion of the Tizen DevLab


Tizen Hackathon

As you'll understand there will be Terms for the Tizen Hackathon:

1. You can start right after the registration service (which is from from 09.00 on November 28) and you must hand over a working project before 14.00 (2PM)  on the 30th November
2. Command can be typed on the spot, or during DevLab or state prevailing before the team, but no more than 3 people,
3. Each team must submit a working program for Tizen (You can decide upon the form of presentations, demos or combined but it have to be understood by the audience.
4. The application has to be developed using native tools and shall be able to become Web-based applications. (This will allow further publication of applications in Tizen Store and to be able to participate in Tizen AppChallenge);
5. Only projects developed using the Tizen SDK can be applied: It all has to be within the tizen project rules.
6. All rights remain to the developers.

Team registration for Tizen Hackathon

Registration is now open. You can register your team and the project by sending email to [email protected], or by filling out a form during the Tizen DevLab in St. Petersburg on November 28 all te way up to 10.00 on the first day of Hackaton (29.11).

Judging will be done by a jury consisting of:

  • Cyril Chuvilin (Intel, the chairman of the jury),
  • Daniel Denis;
  • Mark Zaslavsky
  • Sergey Balandin. In assessing the work will use the following criteria:

They will judge your application on things like

  • a complete application form (maximum 10 points)
  • an implementation of the functional complexity and why it should be  interesting to the world (maximum 10 points)
  • UI and visual design  (maximum 10 points)


The prices

The winner will receive 35 thousand rubles, the runner up will take 20.000 rubles home and the winner of the third price 10.000 rubles are available!

And that's of course without your own follow up wins, like having a massively successful tizen app!

The program

November 29, 2013 (Friday) 

ETU "LETI", building 5, room video conferencing, 1st floor

9:00 30m Registration of participants TIZEN Hackaton, the first day
9:30 30m Presentation of the rules of the Hackaton
10:00 60m Work in teams and individually: formulating project ideas
11:00 60m Presentation of project ideas
12:00 60m Tea, coffee, snacks and the beginning of the project
13:00 5h Work on the project (consultations with experts)
18:00 60m Presentation of progress in the implementation of projects
19:00 End of Day TIZEN Hackaton


November 30, 2013 (Saturday) 

ETU "LETI", building 5, room video conferencing, 1st floor

9:00  30m The opening of the second day TIZEN Hackaton
9:30 2.5ch Continue work on the project (consultations with experts)
12:00 60m Tea, coffee, snacks, and continued to work on projects
13:00 2h Completion of the project and prepare a draft for submission
14:00 1h Presentation of projects and issues
15:00 30m Meeting of the jury and the announcement of winners
15:30 15m Presentation of prizes and closing ceremony TIZEN Hackaton


About the lecturers

Cyril Chuvilin

Since April 2013 Cyril Chuvilin is the manager of the Russian Tizen OS community for Intel. Prior to that, he has been coding along with C + +, Qt / QML, ActionScript 3, HTML5 and JavaScript. In 2008 he developed an active interest in mobile OS. In August 2009 he founded, dedicated to the free operating system for mobile devices. As an Ph.D. student he was delving into the "intelligent" MIPT in "Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science." His research interests are the automatic processing of formatted text and identifying patterns in tree-like structures.

Mark Zaslavsky

Coach, a member of the Association of FRUCT in St. Petersburg.

Cyril  Daniel

Senior Specialist on project management of mobile platforms at Samsung Electronics Russia, Cyril has extensive experience in developing mobile applications for different platforms. He was a proponent for the Hackathon movement, open web technologies and for mobile solutions.






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