Samsung Tizen GT-I8800/GT-I8805 Statistics shown in BrowserMark 2.0

Nov 13, 2013

A couple of Tizen Samsung Smartphones have been spotted showing their benchmark statistics on BrowserMark 2.0 (Rightware), specifically the The Samsung GT-I8800 and GT-I8805. BrowserMark benchmark is one tool that is designed to measure the performance of the browser on mobile and embedded devices based rendering JavaScript and HTML.


In the data model of the device, it is known that the Samsung GT-I8800 is a stock model using SoC / CPU Exynos 4412 ARM Cortex-A9 manifold, Mali400 GPU, OS Tizen, HD screen resolution (1280x720) and has a score of 2.0 on average BrowserMark 2828.29 points through 27 times testing for Tizen Browser 2. While the Samsung GT-I8805 is a model to operator Orange with the same hardware specs of the GT-I8800, but has an average score for BrowserMark 2.0 points lower to 2499.92 by twice testing for Tizen Browser 2.

It is Interesting reading to see that the Samsung GT-I8800 Galaxy S3 has a class hardware has a score not much different with the Galaxy S4 (2834.70 points) that use Exynos processor, and also better than all the variants of Galaxy S3. For the GT-I8805 which had an average score lower still better than the LG G2 which is much more recent, the Apple iPhone 5 as well as several variants of the Galaxy S3.




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