We had previously reported on Twitter’s plans on enabling a change to their Direct Messaging feature that would allow people you are not following to Direct Message (DM) you. This would of been a “killer” feature as going through the pain of both parties following just in order to SM each was a little old now.

The was a checkbox opt-in feature that began appearing for some users under account settings but sadly they have been removed now. In response, Twitter pointed people to a blog post from September in which the company emphasis that they “are constantly evolving the product.”

“A common thread across recent releases has been experimentation,” the company says.
It emerged last month that Twitter is reportedly planning to launch a standalone direct-messaging application in a bid to rival popular apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp.

This was one experiment that I for one really did like, and I do hope Twitter has a re-think and brings it back to the table. Evolving Twitter into a true Messaging Platform would make communication between Millions of Twitter users that little bit easier, and that’s a welcome change!