[Video] Tizen Application Development Using Marmalade

Nov 7, 2013

Here is a Video Guide with regards to Developing and Publishing Tizen Applications made by Marmalade, to facilitate developers in understanding the Marmalade SDK. We start from the “how to start a Tizen application development project” to “how to deploy existing games to Tizen”.

Marmalade SDK 6.4 was released on the 23rd September & now developers will deploy existing and new games made with Marmalade directly into the Tizen ecosystem.



Below video explains how to deploy a game or application Marmalade existing OS into Tizen.




Below is a video guide on how to use the Quick Marmalade games for Tizen.



Below is a Video guide on how to manage, build and test and deploy a C + + application project to the development of Tizen.



In October Marmalade will launch an incentive program ” Tizen Developer Program For Marmalade” that will offer prizes and cash to developers.




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