[Video] Introducing the Samsung KNOX Platform at SDC 2013

This is a session that was presented at the Samsung Developer Conference regarding the Samsung KNOX security platform. Enterprise ready for Tizen KNOX?
Nov 19, 2013

The Samsung KNOX Security Platform is something that Samsung hopes will help it go forth into the Enterprise market. Android has had a bad reputation as a Open System that is prone to security attacks, which hinders Samsung's Enterprise aspirations. We know that Samsung will ship Tizen with a built in Firewall (good idea) and it also makes sense that KNOX is also bundled in as part of the OS at some point. This will not most likely happen when the first round of devices ship in the coming months but looks likely for Tizen 3.0, which will to be available in Q3 2014.

Below is a video of Samsung KNOX platform session that was presented at the recent Samsung Developer Conference 2013:






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