In addition to Tizen smartphone, Samsung will launch new wearable Gear devices at MWC 2014

JohnPeter Elverding
Dec 27, 2013

With the upcoming Mobile World Congress Samsung is Gearing up. With a capital G of course! Wearable devices are the 2014 - 2015 hits and Samsung, as one of the forerunners here, is expanding it's offers. At least, that is what the rumours and anonymous sources want us to know. It's likely to be called The Galaxy Gear 2 and it'll be a much smarter Gear than its predecessor, sporting an OLED screen. Next on the line up will be be the S-band, a wristband or bracelet that will, amongst other things, check if your body is behaving the way you expect it to. Which makes sense if you're sick or an über-healthy sports person who needs all stats to be copied to his or her running app. No definite dates are mentioned but the first half of 2014 seems to be quite certain. Most of this information about these devices and the Tizen smartphone are relayed through the well connected The Korea Herald.

According to Lee Seung-woo, who is an analyst at IBK Securities, "Samsung is currently working on Galaxy Gear 2, and this product will definitely be released early next year." A source close to Samsung, whose name shall be hidden, was said to tell "Samsung are working to bring the Galaxy Gear 2 to barcelona where it should becomes the main focus in the MWC. That possibility is very high," he said.

The next generation of Galaxy Gear is expected to use an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) flexible screen. Which most likely will also be used for the S band,a digital wristband that can monitor things like your heart beat and your blood pressure.

An official of Samsung Electronics has declined to comment whether a Tizen based smartphone will be introduced at the MWC. Pretty likely though as invitations are said to have been sent by the Tizen organization for a meeting February 23rd in Barcelona.

The MWC, Mobile World Congress, is held every year. In 2014 it will be in Barcelona, from February 24 to 27. ¡OLA!


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