Android: The Kat that loses its Kitties to forks

The less the merrier. Developers are losing their hair as more an more semi-compatible Android updates appear. Cupertino uses each fork for cash!
JohnPeter Elverding
Dec 30, 2013

I'm working together with some nice people in several industries. One of them built an application I'm testing. It works well on my wifes' iPhone and should work on my G4 mini as well. The coming week I'll also do some testing on an HTC (the one with the large screen) but it appears that reading QR-codes is proving to be a challenge. One that' will be met but it underlines the problems arising with the compensation of Android. A problem Apple doesn't have and that's making them laugh all the way to the bank or Wall Street.

Probably the best way is to center your development around HTML5 and port it towards the flavors you have to port it. Especially when you need to address hardware.

To my developer friend I wrote a lot including

(.....) there is no more such thing as one "Android".

As you know I'm a marketeer and market observator and in that capacity I read all about different flavours and forks of android. HTML5 should be the saviour here as it appears to be easy to port it from iOS and Android to Tizen. In my opinion two years from now there will be:

  • iOS (outdated versions), iOS 6 and iOS 7 (with limited backwards compatibility)
  • Gandroid (Google's own devices)
  • S-Android (Samsung, also the driving force behind Tizen)
  • H-Android (HTC)
  • AnyDroid, to run on devices of companies that cannot compete with the big ones. This version will be the second 'droid to be "supported" by google.
  • Tizen (It connects almost everything with anything, based to be HTML5 ready and open)
  • Ubuntu, Sailfish/Jolla,┬áNokia/WinMob, BlackBerry & Co.
Developers like you will be forced to program in such a way that the product fits in most if not all stores or you will have to accept problems with potential customers. And that is a sad thing to have happened to Android which used to be open and unified. But it follows the trend Google set in the past decade. I remember Google to be the clean, non conformist alternative to massive data hunters like Alta Vista and Microsoft.
I wish you a lot of love and pleasure in the Christmas days and lot's of success in 2014. And a successful cooperation!
And that last wish applies to all of you readers out there!

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