Appbackr HTML5 to Tizen Challenge reaching the final entry date

JohnPeter Elverding
Dec 20, 2013

We have reported on the Appbackr's challenge before.  Simply put: They award money for HTML5 applications that can be sold (and used!) throught the TizenStore.  As we have had some questions about it, here's the process described more clearly. If you want to know the nitty-gritty you can go to the link: View full rules


High Score (100) gets the applicant $100 and lower scores get lower prices ($50 or $25)

Who can compete?

It doesn't realy matter if your a genius yourself or a Fellowship of HMTLfivers, if you have an HTML5 app or building one you can join the fun. Anyone can qualify and you can enter as many apps as they can throw at Appbackrs' staff!


You have to build a .wgt file in order to be able to submit to appbackr. That will give you an appscore and your app into the Tizen Seller Store. The one field that you need to add is to add "appbackr" in the Comments for Validation Team field.

But be aware: You must add your .wgt to the Tizen Seller Store before 5:00 PM Pacific Time, December 26, 2013.

Who's going to judge?

No big surprise here: the appbackr Review Team.

They will calculate the score and that score will decide the value of the price.

The appbackr review team will test each app and give it a score on things like quality and quanititive factors. If you are applying it's important that you look at the official documents. Apps with high pre-release appscores will get $100, mid pre-release appscore will get $50, and low pre-release appscores will get $25 to publish to Tizen. Your price will be paid on your pay pal account.

The decisions of the appbackr review team are final and binding.


It boils down to:

Quantitative evaluation

That's things that matter to engineer and developers:

  • Will it run smooth and fast enough on the device?
  • Is the sound ok? (Unless it's in no need for sound!)?
  • Will it be hard on the devices internals like CPU, mapping and memory? Or drain the battery?
  • Does the application use the hardware back button? And of course:
  • Has the application’s resolution been optimized for a Tizen device?

Qualitative evaluation

  • Will there be a lot of users/buyers?
  • Will the average Joe have a short or long learning curve?
  • Are the application’s controls fluid and sensible to the user?
  • Are the graphics of a sufficiently high quality?

The process of judging:

  • The appscore scores HTML5 apps based on a quantitative and qualitative evaluation.
    Performance & speed Is there sound? Does the app use hardware back button? Has the resolution been optimized? Is there no high CPU load? Are there no bottleneck Does it appeal to a wide audience? Are the controls fluid? Are the graphics high quality

How to enter:

There are 3 steps to entering the Challenge.

  1. Developers upload their HTML5 apps to the Challenge.  appbackr will repackage the apps and send back to you in two days.
  2. Register on the Tizen Seller Store and add your app to the Tizen Seller Store: The one field that you need to add is to add "appbackr" in the Comments for Validation Team field. This allows appbackr to track your app’s status and expedite your validation process by 12/26.
  3. Let us know your Content ID by editting your CP submission page.

If you didn't add "appbackr" to the Comments field, include your developer DeepLink and app Content ID. Instructions to locate that information are here.

 If you apply: G O O D  L U C K !



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One comment on “Appbackr HTML5 to Tizen Challenge reaching the final entry date”

  1. Meh, I've already submitted all my apps to the tizen store without going through appbackr. So there's no way for me to join the challenge anyway.


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