Samsung to merge digital imaging branch into mobile division

JohnPeter Elverding
Dec 14, 2013

It's not just the mobile world invading the "smart" world. Samsung does it the other way around, in a way.  The experiences they have gotten with their smart camera (read: Tizen!) is to be used in their forthcoming smartphones. ETNews and Yonhap, both from Korea.

Samsung is reorganizing its corporate structure. They plan to integrate their camera specialists and know-how so it can be used in the next generations smart-phones. Or very smart cameras you can use as a phone.  Combining IT specialists with photography knowledge and the mobile future.  As ETNews put it: "integrate the technical know-how of the two business divisions". This will help Samsung to make a difference, if not a splash! with its smart-phones and integrated imaging technology.

2013 gave us a couple of mouthwatering hybrid Samsung devices that shine or excel in both categories. At tizenexperts we have mentioned the Galaxy Camera, the S4 Zoom smartphone and the Android-powered Galaxy NX camera that boasts mirrorless Camera technology.

The reorganization mentioned before is a way of transferring skills, experience and technology into a more efficient way to tackle a future that will enable "higher" technology in "cheaper" Samsung devices and thus ensure Samsungs place in the the technology top. In Japan it's Sony that combines the Bionz processing system together with the new range of Exmor RS sensor to reach new levels of technology.

Merge benefits for Samsungs' markets

And there's another, massive benefit: by combining supply columns they get stronger horizontal columns. What does that mean? If, as a production company, you need things like a microchip you have to develop one with a supplier. Designing a chip for say 5 million smart-phones is an expensive, tedious thing to do. Now imagine what benefits there are to have if you could use that same chip in cars, camera's and whatever. Then the costs of design and production quality could be reduced to way less than half. These lower costs would mean a better financial result and, at the same time, lower prices. That's what competition is about isn't it?

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