Samsung User Interface Leaked - Is this the New face of Tizen ?

We have Fresh Leaked Pictures of what looks like a New Samsung User Interface for Tizen. Is this the real thing? Have your say.
Dec 18, 2013

Our friends at Sammy Today got an exclusive sneak peek at a new User Interface, that looks quite different and dare we say it "Fresh".

Above we have a full gallery of pictures that have various applications including a Dialler, Contacts, Gallery, Messenger, Calendar and the Notification area.

Some of the Icons are nothing like present day Tizen and also don't resemble modern Android. They are clean and have a engineering type feel to them, certainly nothing that Android would like to be associated with.

Samsung is bringing across its Security, Driving Mode, WiFi Direct features as well as S-Beam. Is this the real deal? Some of the spelling mistake on the UI do make me a bit nervous. We won't have long to wait as it looks like MWC 2014 is the big reveal (according to todays news).

Please let us know in the comments and thanks to SammyToday for sharing 🙂




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