Tizen based Samsung SC-03F FCC certified: The certificates of things to come:

JohnPeter Elverding
Dec 24, 2013

Samsung is keeping the Tizen momentum going and all indicators point at Barcelona MWC 2014 for a Tizen device. Why? E-mail invitations from Intel and Samsung to a pre-event launch have been sent around, but as you might imagine, we deny knowledge about that!

The latest milestone is the FCC certifying the SC-O3F. FCC What? FCC are the people making sure radio and devices like that are pretty safe when it comes to radio waves. Like your handset being safe to be used without your brains heating up like a christmas turkey in a micro wave oven at boxing day.

The biggest news is that this handset is not only known for being SC-03F but because it will be the first smartphone to be released in serious numbers that uses Tizen as its' operating platform. And the fact that a US government agency like FCC has been asked to give a green light means things are being sped up. An agency that makes sure there will be no interference with other devices won't do that easily and without their OK nothing goes Globally. So it's also required for NTT DoCoMo to release a Tizen smartphone in Japan. And from a similar agency in Korea so it's safe to assume that the Samsung engineers are working towards creating a launching supply!

We've copy/pasted/rehashed some of the reports for you but the most important info in a bullet list:

  • Length 136.1 mm and a width of 69.1 mm, which makes it a bit like a slender Galaxy S4;
  • These figures make it fit for a 4.8" or a 5" touchscreen, most likely to start with an HD 720x1280 px of 4.8".
  • OS will be Tizen OS 2.2;
  • Bands tested were  850/1900MHz GSM, for data it's WCDMA 850, wifi will be on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi and of course the Low Energy Bluetooth 4; LTE is to be part of the deal, as will NF technology. Sources talk about a multitude of antenae, so a good reception and sending of signals is to be expected. And, as a result of FCC testing: Safety for the user!
  • As for processors, all kinds of types and CPU speeds up to 2.3 Ghz are possible so we can expect localized versions for the likes of the Japanese, ASEAN, US and EU markets.
  • A Sandisk 16Gb micro-SD-card is part of the basics
  • According to the info on the label it's equipped with 1300 mA battery. Which I hope is a mistake to be rectified...
  • Scoring 500 points on HTML5 , leaving the rest behind!

What's left to say? February 23. February 24-27. GSMA Mobile World Congress!








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