Tizen Dynamic Analyzer helps developers to create an optimal user experience

JohnPeter Elverding
Dec 25, 2013

With the Dynamic Analyzer in the Tizen SDK developers can work on improving the performance and stability of their applications in a smart and simple way. Using it will developers help to find the bottlenecks, like memory use and stability, files, threads, network, interaction with OpenGL applications and many of the library functions. Some of these tests are done automatically and some have top be done by hand, but to most developers it won't be much hardship and easier to do than without this tool.

With the most debugger applications developers need to pause them for a moment or at some point to analyze bottlenecks. More often than not it's pretty tough to get the statistical and analytical information a developer needs to solve a problem or improve the app. This dynamic analyzer will solve this problem giving developers a wider view of the analytical applications and their information. This tool also has the potential of getting better, say like learning as developers can contribute to make this tool be a lot better with their ideas and through feedback.

Kim Ju-young, a software engineer at Samsung's S-Core is leading the development of Tizen Dynamic Analyzer along with 6 staff and developers. SWAP Samsung's R & D Institute of Russia, will explain about the performance of the tool Dynamic Analyzer is in Tizen SDK through the slides by Ryo Jin.




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