[Video] Samsung Display Centric World

Dec 31, 2013

Samsung have made some interesting Videos of what they would like their future Samsung Display's look like, the bendy ones, but now they have published a video showing a new dimension, displays that are also foldable.

The displays are shown to do the following:

  • Flexible & Sensor integrated Display
  • Wall display
  • Foldable Display Alarm clock
  • Bended Display for kitchen
  • Automotive Window Display
  • Blackboard Display
  • Unbreakable Display for school
  • Edu-Desk system
  • Transparent Elevator
  • 3-Foldable Display
  • Wearable Display
  • Smart Window
  • Foldable & Sensor Integrated Display
  • Transparent Large Format Display



Can't wait for this concept to come to a device near me 🙂

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