Intel Corporation and Samsung are gearing up to make Tizen a smash hit

JohnPeter Elverding
Jan 10, 2014

Remember Blackberry? Next to Nokia's Communicators they produced the business phone to have. iPhones were for kid and consumers without the need for business applications. You know what has transpired in these SIX years! But now the industry might find itself again on a cross road, this time with mobile operating system Tizen. Yes, I know that iOS and Android are rather massive players. But neither Intel Corporation (INTC) nor Samsung can be called small fish either. And it's these two that are combining resources to make Tizen a smash hit.

And still it's quiet in the industry. Nobody seems to care but I suspect they don't want to emphasize the importance of Tizen over Firefox OS, Sailfish or Ubuntu. Or Windows Mobile and BlackBerry for that matter. Why?

Because Tizen is no mere OS for phones and tablets. It's way more. It can be used in your car, your fridge and TV (amongst others). If Samsung adds "smart:" to it, in the not so far future it might mean it's Tizen powered. It also implies a rift between Samsung and Android as Google is pulling in more and more functions to its own realm in the Google Play Store.

It's almost a certainty that Intel and Samsung will jointly introduce Tizen OS smartphones powered by Intel at the Mobile World Congress in February. And personally I would not be surprised that we get some glances of a Tizen tablet either!

The new OS has a lot to say for it. In 2013 the first hands on experiences with Tizen on a smartphone made it clear: A clean interface and a lot to be improved and twiddled. Not just for the developers and producers but most likely also for users so they can beef up security and make it a truly smart part of their life. We saw versions 2.2 and we expect 3.0 to emerge later this year. And that might be the moment Google and Apple don't want you to find out.


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