Could this be the Samsung Tizen ZEQ (Zeke) - Z9000 - MWC2014

Jan 27, 2014

Eyes are focused on Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 for Samsung to unveil its Tizen offering and give us a glimpse of what they have achieved since MWC 2013. Recent Press Invites clearly state that.


We now have the above rendered image of a device claimed to be the Samsung ZEQ 9000 which is being claimed as the first Tizen device that Samsung will ship.

The specifications of the Samsung ZEQ 9000 are a 4.8" 720p HD display (1280 x 720), Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor running at 2.3Ghz and measuring in at 136.1 x 69.1mm, which makes it slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S4. The expected design ZEQ (Zeke) is the name of the brand Samsung has filed in late August (Application No. 4020130057713).

Once again, we wait for Mobile World Congress 2014.


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