Samsung Confirms that its Tizen Device is Delayed

Jan 22, 2014

Following the news the NTT DoCoMo were not confident about releasing a Tizen Smartphone in the current climate in Japan, Samsung has made its position clear with Tizen, and yes, Tizen is going to be delayed. We have had several delays to Tizen and the latest one delays it further into 2014.

"It is true that the release has been delayed," said one official at Samsung Electronics' Media Solution Center (MSC) today in Korea. "Previously we did had planned to release in the first half of this year in several countries, including Korea and Russia."

With these delays and fluctuating markets the Tizen Association members need to plan carefully what their next steps are going to be with bringing Tizen to market. Going forward we have Tizen 3.0, 64-Bit processors and LTE-A that can combine successfully for a Linux Based OS to be able to compete with today's Smartphone OS's.

Hopefully more will become clear soon or at Mobile World Congress 2014 ...



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12 comments on “Samsung Confirms that its Tizen Device is Delayed”

  1. Why this is being delayed so many times? Are they coming with Tizen 3.0 at launch or is it still 2.x?

    1. Source?
      Normally when someone makes claims, they back them up with verified/corroborated sources.
      That's if they want to be taken seriously...

        1. Are you serious? That article says nothing about it no longer being delayed...
          All it talks about is their plans to showcase it, in fact, the article suggests it's still delayed.

  2. Maybe it explains why the Gear 2 SDK wasn´t made available to third parties even though Samsung proudly announced this last week. However they did not state when. And all sorts of online gadget sites falsely relayed a message that a Gear 2 SDK is now available.

    1. Nah, the Gear 2 devices are their primary Tizen devices for now.
      It's Tizen phones that've been delayed for a bit longer (if not indefinitely).
      We'll see the Gear 2 SDK pretty soon I reckon...


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