Samsung launches it's 2014 Smart Control for your Smart TV at CES Las Vegas

JohnPeter Elverding
Jan 2, 2014

Life is getting more and more complicated and the growth of smart-things makes me feel less smart now and then. The nice people at Samsung did it again: Now they have smartened up a TV remote control and it's said to be shown in Las Vegas. Guess the concept of illusions, quick hand movements and Vegas are a nice combination. It is even better now in "reading" the intention of your hands and fingers when using the smart remote control.

Samsung Smart Control 2014 pairs 'gesture recognition'  to a new console; The touch pad buttons user needs for manipulating videos, clips and and internet content is now even more accurate and can deal with faster movements.

Samsungs' Smart TV internet home screen offers users the means to switch between menu items. With the new remote it can be done through movement or gesture. To make it even more useable you can also use four directional keys. When using Samsung's Smart Hub panel or if you need to access the list of content. which includes multiple pages, you can use the touchpad on the remote to flip from one page to another page. Nice touch: To do that it's like turning the pages of a book. Smart trickery doesn't end with the touches and gestures! Smart Control 2014 also includes Voice Interaction which allows users to find Web pages or video content quickly and easily by using their everyday language. Users can speak directly on the remote to navigate directly to the desired content.

Samsung also has adapted the more or less industry standard design  from a flat rectangular shaped into an elongated oval design. It looks and feels like a large pebble and ithat design offers a more natural fit in the hand of the user. The circular touch pad includes directional keys located in the center of the remote, which can be reached easily by the thumb when one holds the remote. This new and more ergonomic design minimizes the need for finger movement but encouraging users to use gestures and voice recognition to control their  TV.

The touchpad on the 2014 remote is some 80 percent smaller than the 2013 version in 2013. it has been re-designed to be used more easily. That's why it can include shortcuts for frequently used functions. Further it has a "soccer" mode that will optimize your screen for a soccer match on TV, it has a multi-screen mode that will allow you to see different views or pages and it's a better way to use the virtual keyboard on your smart screen.

The graphic hereunder shows you milestones of (TV-)remote control from the beginning on.

Samsung-Smart-Control-Smart TV-CES-2014-2


"As more and more functions are added to the TV, the remote control is also evolving to accommodate the additional functionality," said Park Kwang-ki, Executive Vice President, Visual Display Sales and Marketing, Samsung Electronics. "We will continue to work so that our customers can use the remote control that is more intuitive and easier."



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