Eldar Murtazin - Samsung will stop Developing Tizen for Smartphones

Jan 27, 2014

Following todays announcement of the cross Patent deal between Samsung and Google, Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin has taken to Twitter to let people know his take on this news. Yes, we have been here previously with Eldar claiming Tizen is a dead end OS, but at least he is consistent with his views.


Below are the further 5 Tweets where Eldar elaborated on the above Tweet:

From the recent announcements that NTT DoCoMo have put their Tizen Plans on Hold and Samsung has delayed the release of Tizen once again, it is easy to read more into these tweets at this stage.

Hopefully with the Tizen Association Press event being held in Barcelona on 23rd February 2014 we can learn more.

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3 comments on “Eldar Murtazin - Samsung will stop Developing Tizen for Smartphones”

  1. i think he was drunk or intoxicated in other way today - his prediction ratio is going down. like few days ago with sgs5 launch he might twit tomorrow somthing completley differnt

  2. I heard nexus line will be stopped. So samsung gives up tizen and google gives up nexus and motorola? Android seems to be almost samdroid. But I want new OS!!!


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