SmartPlay and IT collaborate to develop AUTO IVI for SoC-based Tizen Jacinto 6

Jan 9, 2014

SmartPlay Technologies, Silicon service provider and a leading provider of software for connected devices, including mobile devices and automotive industries, today announced that they will bring the expertise and experience in usability and software to help advance the adoption of Tizen-based IVI solutions for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. SmartPlay is working with Texas Instruments (TI) has developed a solution IVI AUTO feature-rich silicon-based Tizen the latest generation SoC "Jacinto 6" for Automotive Infotainment market.

SmartPlay is a preferred service provider to offer integration services to major changes, ports and Auto IVI stack optimization software for OEM / Tier 1 car that wants to adopt Tizen OS as the platform of choice for next generation cars.

TI and SmartPlay will provide initial customer access to Tizen Auto IVI platform stack that works on J6 to help reduce time-to-market for OEM / Tier 1.

Tizen key components such as integration with WebGL EFL & EGL / GLES, WebKit-based HTML5 for IVI UI, integration plug-in Gstreamer, Triple 1080p display and Dual Decode, fastboot and early Camera preview will display using the framework J6 Tizen platform. SmartPlay also developed a set of additional features as part of their roadmap to provide a complete platform for IVI & Auto Tizen platform "Jacinto 6" in future releases.

"In today's competitive market, our customers are constantly looking for ways to get their products to market as quickly as possible," said Matthew Watson, WW Business Unit Manager, and Auto Infotainment, at Texas Instruments. "They also want to have a choice in the HLOS and related ecosystems available software such as QNX, Linux and Android; has been activated and Tizen are available on the platform" Jacinto 6 "is a benefit to our customers."

"This is a tremendous opportunity for SmartPlay to work with leading providers of Auto IVI Silicon and offer new solutions for OEM / Tier 1 car in the Auto market which continues to grow rapidly. With an initial investment in Tizen, SmartPlay is excited to play a key role in shaping Auto IVI future and to be collaborating with innovators such as Texas Instruments, "said Pradeep Vajram, CEO of SmartPlay Technologies.

"Today's consumers expect their car infotainment systems have performance as a smartphone in terms of connectivity, multimedia and graphics; these factors play a major role in consumer choice car. Tizen HLOS suitable for Auto IVI platform stack that offers highly integrated connectivity, graphics performance / best UI and experience audio / video are impressive in automotive infotainment systems. Tizen We believe that combined with the latest SoC from Texas Instruments 'Jacinto 6' would be a very attractive solution, "said Santosh Xavier, Senior VP & Head of Software at SmartPlay.

Tizen-based solution that runs on the platform of the next generation of SoC "Jacinto 6" will be exhibited at the International CES 2014 in Las Vegas on January 7-10, 2014.



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