Tizen Coming to a Samsung Fridge and a Washing Machine in a Kitchen Near You!

JohnPeter Elverding
Jan 18, 2014

At the CES 2014 in las Vegas it became clear that Tizen as an OS for household appliances might be as near as a Tizen smartphone. A new concept that might ultimately connect most Samsung consumer electronics with it's users smartphone.

A senior manager said that Samsung has decided "to use Tizen for a range of products" although the number of specifics and a timetable were virtually non existing and were said to depend on the markets.

Samsung's strategy appears to be based on creating connectivity between the user, his (or her!) smart device and the appliances. Integration of the platforms is a necessity here and will enable smooth sailing between the user and the "house". As far as we have been given to understand Tizen will be Samsung's platform of choice.

Samsung Electronic's vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun mentioned something along those lines as well. He did so at the Samsung Analyst Day last November. "When we look back at the last 30 to 40 years there is not much innovation in consumer electronics products when compared to the changes in ICT. Digitally connected household goods and consumer electronics will be the next set of changes, a change that will drive the markets to new heights.

It is expected that we will see some Tizen based devices, like the smart phone and probably some other machines as well. The smart TV might be too much in a development stage yet so we will have to wait for that one for a next stage.

Prior to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona Samsung has been planning a meeting with some of the press and its partners. It's also very likely that the Tizen app store will be in the spotlights: Apps are today's driving force for mobile devices and a well filled store is a priority to developers and producers of both hardware and software.


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