Samsung have officially announced their pricing details for its upcoming Tizen Gear 2 device and also the Gear Fit (non Tizen, as far as we know).

The Tizen Samsung Gear 2 will be available for $295 and the Gear Fit will be $197. Many felt the Original Samsung Gear Smartwatch was a little pricey and it was hoped that Samsung listened to this constructive feedback.


Samsung initially indicated that it would launch the Gear 2 at a lower price point than the original Galaxy Gear. One of the reasons for the luke warm reception of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch was attributed to its price as well as limited functionality.

The hopes are with better functionality and a wider range of supported Samsung devices at launch that it can work with will certainly help it along its way. Devices go on sale in a matter of weeks, so not long to go now.


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