7digital Bringing 25 million Songs onto the Tizen Platform

Mar 7, 2014

7Digital, a music platform that is based in London has announced that it will be releasing a native client for Tizen. This will let Tizen users access the 7Digital music catalog of over 25 million tracks in over 20 territories.

The music service will also be accessible from wearable devices such as the Tizen based Samsung Gear 2. Currently we are looking at a second half of 2014 release date. Users will be able to browse, purchase and download music directly to the device.

7digital CEO Ben Drury commented: "We have a long history of supporting the majority of mobile operating systems, and we show further momentum by introducing an application for Tizen ™. Wearable music technology and service users have a clear case, and 7digital apps for Tizen ™ adds to our confidence in open and agnostic approach to access music. we have the proper infrastructure in place to innovate quickly, demonstrates our ability to be the first dedicated music application available on the new OS. "


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