[Korean Slides] EFL - Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and Open Source

The slides below are by Daniel Juyung Seo, who is an Enlightenment Committer and also a Samsung Engineer. He shows what EFL is, the history behind it and the Open Source aspects.
Mar 19, 2014

Please note: The following slides are mainly in Korean and some English!

The slides below are by Daniel Juyung Seo, who is an Enlightenment Committer and a Samsung Engineer. He shows what EFL is and some of the history behind it. He also shared the open source contribution activities by showing how he became an open source committer and how developers can contribute to an open source project:



What is EFL?

EFL stands for Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) and is a  set of libraries for window manager and many kind of applications. Enlightenment window manager is made by EFL and Tizen adopted Enlightenment as its window manager. EFL is one of the core libraries in Tizen and consists of many libraries as you can see from the links below:

  • Eina data types and low-level/basic abstractions.
  • Eo generic object system.
  • Evas drawing canvas.
  • Eet binary data parser and serializer.
  • Embryo embedded script language.
  • Ecore operating system abstraction and integration.
  • Escape playstation3 portability layer.
  • Evil microsoft windows portability layer.
  • Eio asynchronous input/output
  • Eldbus d-bus integration.
  • Efreet (xdg) menu and desktop integration.
  • Eeze hardware device manipulation and notification.
  • EPhysics physics simulation integration and visual effects.
  • Edje layout and theme library with super powers.
  • Emotion to play music and videos.
  • Ethumb to generate thumbnail images of files.

The official EFL website is



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