[How To] Remove video recording time limit & file size limit on Tizen Samsung NX300M / NX2000


The Samsung NX300M and NX2000 are two Mirrorless camera’s that support Samsung’s new Tizen OS. The Source Code for both cameras has been released, which gives the community the option to tinker with the OS, if need be and I presume if they don’t like their warranty.

Mike Thomann, a member of the Digital Photography Review forum, has created a little hack in order for you to change the recording time limit and file size restrictions. This is the first hack of a Tizen camera that I know of. If there are any others then please let me know 🙂


Based on the search of Mike Thomann, there are multiple drivers in the code for 1920x1080p60, even for 1920x1440p60. And there is also a segment of code to handle the formats of video and audio recording, as well as bitrate, fps, and resolution, are all contained in the files in the camcorder mode: Tizen \ projects \ NX2000 \ imagedev \ usr \ include \ mmf \ mm_camcorder.h


Several variables of the firmware NX300/NX2000 camcorder that can be modified include:


The source code is available to download for the NX2000 and NX300M from opensource.samsung.com, and you can find instructions on how to remove the video recording time and file size limit at www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3646127.

A word of caution, you should really only be doing this if you understand all the implications of what could go wrong (Bricked Camera) and also potentially voiding your warranty.


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