There are rumours that Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom are currently discussing if a new Samsung Gear 2 variant should be made, this one would have an integrated SIM card slot and allow you to make and receive calls without the need to be connected to a mobile phone!

Recap: SK Telecom, the largest mobile operator in Korea.

The thoughts are that it might initially be rleased in Korea with a potential wider release depending on customer feedback.


“A smart watches are equipped with a USIM card is not unreasonable,” said an industry source, who adds that the battery might be an issue, because the watches are equipped with a USIM card will consume more power. But given the Tizen platform used for wearable power-saving claims than Android, it may not be an issue.


At the moment this seems like a bit of a tall order for a Smartwatch, but could be something of potential in a few years when the main issue of size can be addressed.

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