[Pictures] Tizen Samsung’s NX mini camera leaks

Mar 18, 2014

Oh how I love the words Leak used in the same sentence as Tizen !!! Leaked images have hit the internet regarding a Samsung launch event tomorrow. Initially it was thought that some sort of smartphone would be launched, but it now looks like it is the Samsung NX Mini Camera and its Tizen based.

According to Eldar Mutazin it should be announced tomorrow (19th March) in Russia with a fast release next month.


As the world mini suggests this is a smaller Tizen Camera than the Samsung NX300M and Samsung NX30 before it. Specs at this point point to a NX Camera, 2330mAh battery all bundled with a 9mm F3.5 lens (Really???) and the retail price will be €499.

Owning a Tizen Samsung NX300M myself, I can vouch for the speed and the vibrance of colour from these Cameras, so the NX Mini should inherit this same pedigree.


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