Samsung has recently announced a new washing machine. Thats doesn’t sound too interesting on its own until you mention the fact that its a Smart washing machine, which is most likely Tizen based, considering Samsung’s efforts for a Smart home, and Tizen being quite central to this. On the front panel of the Samsung WW9000 there isn’t much to see. In fact it you only have two buttons and a LCD display, very minimalistic in look.

We all live in a Smart phone world and Samsung acknowledges this in its implementation of a swipe based user interface to access features like different programmes, temperature, spin speed and rinse etc. You can also swipe down from the top of the touchscreen for more options and settings, just like a Smart phone 🙂


The washing machine is Wi-Fi connected and can also be accessed with the Samsung Smart Washer app. Sometimes being able to remotely start your washing cycle might be of benefit, but lets but honest, it will be definitely geek cool!

The washing machine has four sensors which are for water level, detergent, weight sensor and soil sensor. With the information provided by these sensors, the WW9000 can determine your load size (max 10kg), how dirty they are and therefore calculate how much detergent is required.

The Samsung WW9000 offers 22 programmes including six special programmes such as gardening and cooking. It operates at 46 decibels, which the company claims is market leading and it has a maximum spin speed of 1600rpm.

The Samsung WW9000 Smart washing machine is now available from John Lewis (exclusively for one month) for £1700 from the 5 May,