We have previously reported that Samsung was developing a Samsung Gear 2 type Smartwatch that had built in voice calling functionality, by utilising its own inbuilt radios and a USIM module and therefore would not need to rely on being linked to a Smartphone. Now more claims have surfaced confirming that the device will be named as the Samsung Gear Solo, with an initial launch in South Korea by Samsung and SK Telecom, possibly as soon as April (yes this month).

We have no confirmation about the OS at the moment, will it be Android or Tizen, and at this point in the game, it could be either but obviously we want it to be Tizen. The fact that it is named Samsung Gear Solo and not Samsung Galaxy Gear Solo does lend itself more to Tizen as the Galaxy brand is reserved for Android devices.

Samsung has already registered the Gear Solo name with the Korean Intellectual Property and Patent Office for an independent smartwatch, so this kind of fits the bill.


Now we are all in favour of tech and options, but I still can’t see how the battery issue will be resolved. Smartphones need huge batteries and space is a real commodity in the Samsung Gear Solo. Time will tell.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. Can Samsung achieve such a feat?


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