The word Automotive, “Internet of Things” and Tizen are coming together to form some exciting possibilities and one of them is in the Automotive field. GENIVI, a non profit organisation committed to the adoption of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Open-Source development platform, are hosting Open Automotive ’14. IVI covers such things as entertainment including music, news and multimedia, we also have navigation and location services, telephony, internet services and much much more.


Presented by the GENIVI Alliance and open to all, OPEN Automotive ‘14 will explore, along with carmakers, leading suppliers, automotive consortia and industry analysts, the relationship between automotive connectivity and the so-called “Internet of Things (IoT).”

  • Discover how “automotive within IoT” will have a dramatic impact on smart device integration, infotainment services, embedded solutions, big data, interoperability, monitoring and security for OEM’s, service providers, regulators and consumers.
  • Moderated panels will discuss the wider adoption of intelligent automotive systems and key enablers for creating massive business development opportunities by collecting, managing, sharing and monetizing the connected vehicle.
  • With more than 279 million connected vehicles projected to be on the roads by 2021, key industry stakeholders are exploring ways to better collaborate, set standards and define the future of automotive within the IoT. The OPEN Automotive ‘14 conference brings many of those key contributors and innovators together for a full day of education and knowledge transfer.



MAY 20

12:00 PMPre-Registration
6:00 PMPre-Registration Ends
07:00 PMNetworking Reception
10:00 PMNetworking Reception Ends
NOTE:Panel of Industry experts to be announced soon!


MAY 21

7:00 AMNetworking Breakfast & Registration
8:45 AMOpening Keynote
9:15 AMHow to Protect Connected Vehicles within the IoT?
9:45 AMIoT open standard, open source technology for the connected car
10:15 AMNetworking Break
10:30 AMCars Are Connected, Where Are The Applications?
11:30 AMConnected Car — Big Opportunity Or Headache?
12:30 PMNetworking Lunch
2:00 PMMonetizing The Connected Car — Can It Be Realized?
2:45 PMNetworking Break
3:00 PMHow Does Automotive Plug Into IoT?
3:45 PMCollaborate Or Die!
4:30 PMAnalyst Panel – Apple, Google, Blackberry Or Open? – The Customer Wins!
5:30 PMDemonstration Showcase & Networking Reception


Invited Speakers



This is shaping up to be an exciting event where we can explore the “Internet of Things” and IVI inside your car and the possibilities it brings. For further information and registration, please visit the Open Automotive website

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Meet Tizen Experts

Tizen Experts will be covering the event and hopefully bringing back some exciting IVI and Open Source Automotive news for you. If you are at the event and want me to showcase your Application / Idea then please contact me on: [email protected]