Samsung Electronics has officially launched its Samsung Smart Home Service, which is home automation, that brings together key Samsung technologies, including Tizen and is principally operated by the use of a Smartphone application.

Connect mobile devices, appliances, TVs and wearables from one integrated app

The service has initially been released in the US and Korea. In the US, the compatible Smart devices include Samsung’s T9000 Smart French Door refrigerator, the WF457 smart front loading washing machine, all 2014 Smart TVs and, later in the year, Tizen TV’s, the Smart Bulb, Gear Fit, Smart Ovens and Robot vacuum cleaners. Most likely, Samsung will be using Tizen to power most of these new devices, Tizen, running on everything.

Initially the controlling app will be for the Android OS 4.0+, which will be connected to your Samsung account, with a Tizen app coming soon for the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. It would be a natural fit for a Tizen Smartphone app to follow suit once the elusive Tizen Smartphone gets released.


Once all your devices are connected and integrated you will be able to fully control things like your washing machines wash cycle, making sure the fridge is operating correctly and be able to switch off all desired devices by a simple “Good night” voice command.

“We are excited that the launch of Samsung Smart Home makes the connected home a reality today and allows our customers to live a smarter life,” said Dr. WonPyo Hong, President and head of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Smart Home lets people live better, worry less and be smarter with their devices and appliances. We also have grand plans to enhance more and more parts of the home experience, especially with a view of expanding it to areas with high growth potential such as home safety and energy management.”

All communications are encrypted for enhanced security and peace of mind. Devices can be controlled remotely as well as locally, so you can for example switch off your lights when your half way across the world. I’ve done that with my Philips Hue lights and it sure feels good!

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