Samsung Electronics has introduced it’s latest mirror-less system camera, the NX mini. A system camera means you can use several lenses and choose the one that suit your type of photography. It’s named mini, because it’s not too big. It’s maximum thickness is less then an inch and a body weight of 158 grams makes it mini indeed. Some electrickery inside makes it also one of the best cameras for selfies and groupies. Even better, it appears that the display can be folded towards you which enable all kind of photo’s being taken from incredible angles. Samsungs smart share will enable to share the pictures over wifi as well.


A full range of accessories and lenses will be made available. According to a source it’s basically a womans’ thing which will combine functionality with fashion and fun. Size matters as well as it can fit in small purses. Even more fun: The mini will take a snapshot of you, 2 seconds after you give it a wink. I’d call that a winky…

Samsung Smart cameras ‘NX Mini ‘ comes in either  mint green, white, pink , black or brown and with a 9 mm/ f 3.5ED lens. Of course you can add the goodies you like but most notable are some “mini” lenses, including a zoom lens, as well as an adapter to use the full range of NX-lenses. Sharing and printing can be done by NFC and WiFi, which also enables you to connect to your Dropbox and Flickr account.

The mini is centered about a 20.5 megapixel BSI-CMOS chip which will enable 6 frames a minute and a 3″ flip-on touch-screen. Combine all of this with a 1/16.000 which will also enable high speed pictures.