Samsung: Tizen is the solution to overcome incompatibilities and badly coded web applications

Dr. Jong-Deok Choi (JD Choi), Executive Vice President (VP) of Samsung Electronics Software R & D Center, who is also the co-Chair of the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) was one of the most important speakers on the International World Wide Web Conference -23 or WWW 2014. JD Choi give a presentation titled “Taming the Web” at COEX, Seoul, South Korea.
JohnPeter Elverding
Apr 23, 2014

Dr. Jong-Deok Choi (JD Choi), Executive Vice President  (VP) of Samsung Electronics Software R & D Center, who is also the co-Chair of the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) was one of the most important speakers on the International World Wide Web Conference -23 or WWW 2014. JD Choi give a presentation titled "Taming the Web" at COEX, Seoul, South Korea.

According to VP Choi, the world has to deal with the incompatibility of web based versus mobile applications. One of the major  problems come form the basis, the architecture because most languages and operating systems are proprietary or semi-open. "Architecture web and devices as well as software should be fully open: There shouldn't be barriers that feed this incompatibility," he said.

Android, iOS, Windows Phone:  The programming language of each is different, so each has its own application store. Applications for Android are Java based, iOS uses Objective-C, and Windows Phone is based on C / C + + which leads to incompatibility and extra costs in cross platform apps. This will lead to devices being condemned to being held in it's own world, it's own infrastructure and little room to connect to other devices.

This incompatibility leads to difficulties in communicating between devices and thus between people and companies alike. "Tizen will eliminate this barrier," said VP Choi. "The API in Tizen used in the development of applications and services provide a single web language environment, providing compatibility in creating a favorable range of services to connect," he said.


"Tizen is a web-centered software platform that provides a Web API for the development of a web-based applications that eliminates the incompatibility between different devices and applications.Using Web Application Security and Privacy enables high-performing," said VP Choi. Besides the security side, Tizen is also integrated with the Linux kernel SMACK which is used to block and isolate security threats. According to VP Choi, a Tizen based device is also ready and safe for BYOD purposes.

VP Choi found that WWW could be seen as a short term "Wild Wild West", not unlike a western movie. There is "the good, the bad and the ugly" to describe that there is a positive side and a negative to the web connected world. "The Web is a treasure trove of great knowledge and connecting many people to lots of fun and entertainment. It gives access to book stores, video rental systems like Netflix, Amazon and Pandora. The web has been used as a traditional business but it also created new, unheard of opportunities." There he was highlighting the positive side of the web. "All things on the Web is the future that has all the space and role in connecting people," he said. However, private information leakage and malware, and hacking represent the dark side of the web where awareness and security is very necessary as this will hurt both large companies and individuals.

An extra benefit of the Tizen platform is it's supports of all categories. Cars, refrigerators, air conditioning, TV, camera, smartphone, anything as it is very easy to define a new category of devices but also create compatibility between devices as the connectivity between the devices can be effectueated simply and very effectively. "Tizen now is a complete open source platform for smartwatches but also for new and innovative devices such as smart glasses. Everybody than can create applications that are compatible," he said, holding up the Samsung Gear 2 on his wrist.

"Galaxy S5 is equipped with Google's Android, but it is supported by Samsung. The Gear 2  is Tizen-based and they can work together,"VP Choi said. "Compatibility and openness in Tizen betters any of its competitors. Everything and everyone should be connected without a hitch," he explained.


Another thing that makes Tizen shine is that there is no poor performance of many HTML5 applications as we see on other platforms.  "Graphics 2D, Cairo, hardware acceleration for 3D graphics support in your web browser and you can implement support for WebGL technology for game development," he said. "Tizen support 60 frames per second on a smartphone which allows you to work on 2D and 3D images. That mean any performance problems have been solved by nature," he added.

VP Choi also invited the audience to attend the Tizen Developer Conference 2014 to learn more about the Tizen ecosystem. "Tizen Devekoper Conference will be held on June 2 to 4 in San Francisco. There we will discuss on how to take advantage of open source and make use of other external events," he said.



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