I don’t know about you but my screens gets bigger. A note 3 replaced my nokia e-7 and I’m about to replace my 22″ monitor with 27 or more.  Yep, I’m in full denial of reading glasses. And then there’s a Gear2 with my name on it, or so I hope. Scrolling 80+ whatsapp or textmessages a day on a gear would probably drive me barking mad if not giving me swiping-RSI. That is where SPRITZ comes to the rescue.

Called Spritz, the technology streams single words. Sounds great. No? Well it actually is! They do it much faster than your average reading speed of 220 words per minute. Spritz highlights the “Optimal Recognition Point,” which is the point where the human brain recognizes a word and highlights it in red. Each word is displayed in the “Redicle” to keep the ORP in the exact same position, meaning the eyes don’t have to move from word to word as in traditional reading. That seems to me it means that you can read much faster as your eyes do not have to re-focus at every word.

According to Boston based Spritz some users are “spritzing” at over 1,000 words per minute which means you could read a book in just a few hours. Spritz also notes that Spritzing will not just make you read faster, it should also help you to get a better understanding of the text.