[Teardown] Samsung Gear 2 is build to be sustainable and repairable device!

How fixable or repairable is the Tizen Samsung Gear 2? We want a smart watch that looks good and ideally repairable. Check out what the teardown reveals :-)
JohnPeter Elverding
Apr 12, 2014

Cell phones, or rather the people calling me, have the tendency to do it when my cell is tucked away in a raincoat, which I'm wearing to protect myself against rain, or snow, or hail. By the time I've found it I'm wet and the caller is talking to my answering machine. Now a Samsung Gear might come in handy there but what happens if I break it. Me, a bicycle and a smart phone, either in my pocket or on my wrist, is not the best of combinations and I;ve got some scars to prove it. So, we know how cell phones can be fixed, batteries can be replaced but what about a wearable? Can it be repaired at all?

Well, if there is a supply of spares, these pictures show how to, and also confirms that the Gear 2 is in fact an easily repairable device. Be careful, it will probably hurt your warrantee and the money is down the drain. So just look at the pictures!



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