Brian Warner is the director of client services and operations at the Linux Foundation, and also the manager of the Tizen Project. He has recently been Interviewed by Linux Insider, and shared his thoughts about the Tizen Project, and how Tizen is to be implemented in things such as Smart TV, Smart phone, Smart watch, Smart camera, Smart car and even Smart refrigerator.

“When a user picks up a Tizen device, he is not going to see one clearly branded Tizen screen,” said Brian Warner, manager of the Tizen Project. “Tizen is going to be under the hood. That is the big appeal to product developers. They can put their own spin on what the end-user is going to be looking at and still have Tizen under the hood and not compete with something else that looks the same way.”

Next month we have the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco and this will be a great time for developers to explore Tizen and also the “Internet of Things”. This is a hot topic for people like Intel, who want Tizen to be running on embedded devices, and using their System on Chip (SoC) processors to power it all.

Tizen is a Linux Based OS that provides you with a Linux kernel, the core utilities, a display and a user interface, so this is an operating system that you can use to innovate, without the sort of restrictions that Google places on Android.

Brian also talks about the Tizen Association, and its role in helping promote Tizen to Developers and Manufacturers, and making sure that they have all the elements that need in place, things like all of the libraries and drivers, for instance.

Head on over to Linux Insider for the full Interview.