Hack the Tizen Samsung NX300M Smart camera

Do you like getting you hands dirty in code? well check out if you can hack the security on the Tizen Samsung NX300M Smart camera, and see what you can do.
May 7, 2014

The Samsung NX300M was the first Tizen Smart Camera to reach the market, and it only seems right (?) that it is the first one to be hacked. The device supports NFC and WiFi connectivity that lets you connect directly to cloud services, such as a Samsung link account, Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, SkyDrive and KakaoStory. You can also share images over DLNA and connect to Android devices, to use a remote viewfinder app.

The guys from the website have been looking at the security of the NX300M, and found its security weak in the following areas:

      WiFi Networking
      X Server (X11)
      X11 Key Bindings
      WiFi Client
      WiFi Access Point: UPnP/DLNA
      Remote Viewfinder

If your interested in investigated the hacking potential of your own Samsung NX300M Smart camera, then head on over to

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