Calling all Marmalade Developers!

As you may know, the Tizen platform has been supported under Marmalade for mobile gaming since mid 2013. Now Marmalade are offering developers the opportunity to attend the Tizen Developer Conference on June 2-4, with a whopping 50% off.


This offer is only available to the first 200 Marmalade customers, that use a special promotion code that can be found from their site. Once you’ve have got the Golden Ticket (Well discount code), head on over to the Tizen developer site to book you places.

The Marmalade team will be demonstrating their solution at the developer conference, and will be on-hand to answer any questions you might have with regards to your Tizen Marmalade project. This is an ideal time for you to target a new platform, with new devices and new opportunities.

Please head on over to the Marmalade website for further information.