First picture of Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 running .... TIZEN !!!

It looks like Tizen maybe coming to the Original Samsung Smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 1, and developers are bringing their apps with them to a new ecosystem
May 13, 2014

The site Sammobile have just tweeted a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Gear 1, running what they claim is Tizen, the same Operating System that is running on the Samsung Gear 2.

We have previously heard some wispers of Tizen running on the Gear 1, but this is some public proof for you. This could suggest that Samsung are looking at releasing Tizen for the Gear 1, and have a porting plan in place to bring over the existing Gear 1 app catalogue to Tizen as well. Samsung will be releasing an Android ware Smartwatch this year, so having 3 potential Smartwatch ecosystems did look a bit, confusing, and merging the Gear brand to one OS does make sense. To be honest, looking at the existing catalogue of Gear 1 apps, the Tizen Gear ecosystem could survive without them, but its nice for there to be continuity for existing Gear 1 consumers and developers.

Samsung have also recently launched the Tizen Gear Challenge, and are looking to persuade talented developers over to fresh new Tizen pastures, and with $1,250,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, its not to be sniffed at. Also it looks like Gear 2 Smartwatches will be the developer giveaway at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco next month, and this will definitely give the Tizen Smartwatch ecosystem a great boost and advantage over Android ware releasing in the coming months.


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