Samsung’s SIM-enabled Tizen Gear 2 Solo Smart watch heads toward India

More reports that a Tizen Samsung Gear 2 variant with a built in SIM card for cellular data communications is being developed, in the form of the Gear Solo.
May 7, 2014

We have reported previously that there are rumours of a Samsung Gear 2 Solo, a SIM enabled Smart watch that doesn't need to connect to your mobile phone for data communications. Now it appears like these rumours might have a little more substance to them.

The Gear 2 Solo has appeared in an Indian import tracking site called Zauba, which would indicate that the smartwatch is currently under going testing. As the smartwatch is keeping the Samsung Gear 2 naming convention, it would suggest that it will be running Tizen 🙂

The model number is listed as SM-R710, and the unit price is Rs 12,292 (~ $204), which seems quite a low price for this type of Tech, you get a smart watch, and a cellular device rolled into one. This will be the first time a device capable of voice and data on its own will appear in the Tizen wearable profile, suggesting that the platform is maturing nicely with this marriage of wearable profile and smart watch capability. There is still the looming question of power management and how the battery is, but hopefully we will know all once it has been released.

Will you be getting one once it gets released? Please let us know in the comments.

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One comment on “Samsung’s SIM-enabled Tizen Gear 2 Solo Smart watch heads toward India”

  1. This is amazing. So if it works like a tablet ... I wonder ... hm. I guess I'll have to get a separate data plan for it ... this is so cool!


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