Tizen DevLab at the Tizen Developer Conference next month #TDCSF14

The Tizen Developer Conference is next month, and what does a Dev Conference need? Yes a DevLab! Sign up now for the Tizen Dev Conf and make sure you sign up for the DevLab as well :-)
May 14, 2014

Next month we have the third annual Tizen Developer Conference taking place in San Francisco, June 2-4. A chance for Tizen developers to come together, share ideas, learn and create our community. Did I actually say learn? Well, the best conferences are the ones that give you some hands on knowledge and why should the Tizen Developer Conference be any different.

"Join us at Tizen DevLab to explore new opportunities. Especially, this year's Tizen DevLab will offer sessions with plenty of hands-on exercises for app developers to find out more about the technical details, development tips, and building blocks for developing Tizen mobile and Gear apps"

The Tizen DevLab is open to all attendees of the Tizen Developer Conference, and you need to make sure that you have selected the "DevLab" checkbox during TDC registration. To register or find out more about the Tizen Developer Conference 2014, please visit:


Wednesday 4th June, 13:35~15:35 (Day 3 of Tizen Developer Conference)


Continental Ballroom, Hilton San Francisco Union Square


Time Sessions
13:35 – 14:15 Tizen Mobile App Development
14:25 – 14:55 Gear Standalone App Development
15:05 – 15:35 Mobile-Gear linked & Integrated App Development

* Please note! The session schedule is subject to change.




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