TurnByTurn App gets released for the Tizen Gear 2, Navigation on your Wrist becomes a reality

TurnByTurn navigation by Symphony Teleca comes to your Tizen Samsung Gear / Gear 2 Neo smart watch. Wrist navigation is a reality with the help of Here Maps
May 8, 2014

Symphony Teleca have bee involved with Tizen for quite some time now, and initially announced that they would be part of the Tizen ecosystem at the Tizen Developer Summit in Korea 2013. They are were of the first 36 companies that enrolled into the Tizen Partner Program.

They already had their TurnByTurn walking navigation App on the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and I am delighted to tell you that it has arrived on the Tizen Samsung Gear 2!!!! Now if you are navigating on foot, you do not need to keep looking at your Smartphone, and can safely let your smart watch take over the job.

How it works?

  • Launch the TurnByTurn application on your Smartphone
  • Enter your Start and end location details
  • Smartphone then sends the calculated route to your Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo Tizen smart watch
  • Navigation Turn By Turn instructions and alerts are given by the Smartwatch


Symphony Teleca developed the TurnByTurn application by making use of the HERE MAPS API, which gives Tizen a great mapping solution.

The TurnByTurn application is available from the Samsung Apps Store, but availability will vary from country to country.


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One comment on “TurnByTurn App gets released for the Tizen Gear 2, Navigation on your Wrist becomes a reality”

  1. Is it available in USA? Can I say, "Navigate to McDonalds" and it finds the best route as Google Maps does? Do I have to enter a precise address on both ends? Can I initiate a route from the Gear 2?

    From what I can see this is a poor replacement for Google Now and Google Maps. Still gonna wait on Android Wear.


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