Expectation: Gear 3 to debut alongside Galaxy Note 4 in September

JohnPeter Elverding
Jun 3, 2014

Samsung is ramping up it's introductions faster every year it seems. The gear was followed by the Gear2 in less than a year and, yes, you've got it, a "new" Gear2 is around the block. As is a new Samsung Galaxy Note (the 4 probably) and that is no coincidence. Many of them will be bundled and, although it's complete speculation of a dutchman, I wouldn't be surprised it were to be labeled Samsung Health or Fit or Bodycombo. The Sim-enabled Gear Solo might also be seen as a good alternative: Let's face it, my note3 hardly fits my trousers, let alone a spandex one for cycling or running. Or beach shorts: Mine drop with the extra weight!

That would make quite a line up for Samsung in late 2014 and early 2015 (all speculations of course!):

  • The Tizen tools for the Russian, Indian, Chinese and other mass markets:
  • The Galaxy Brand of Smart phones for the EU, USA and the discerning urban professional of the afore mentioned markets
  • The Gear as the brand that will connect body and cloud, either as a watch, bracelet or something that reminds you of glasses.


And that might not be all: Rumors has it that glasses might be too early for 2014/15 (Google SmartAss effects) and that watches and bracelets are an easier, and cheaper way to get it us all into Gear. In the end here might be headsets that bring virtual reality to your home or office, enabling you to connect more intense to business partners (yikes...) or loved ones...

With both Apple and Google as big investors and soon to be major players in this coveted, wearable market one thing seems pretty solid: The wearable market is shifting from the few and happy to the early adopters this year.

And I guess that's why Samsung will put a massive amount of resources into getting to that adolescent market pretty fast. It's going to be so competitive that being there first, in force, will make the difference between to be and wannabe.



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One comment on “Expectation: Gear 3 to debut alongside Galaxy Note 4 in September”

  1. Oops... lol
    "And that might not be all: Rumors has it that glasses might be too early for 2014/15 (Google SmartAss effects)"


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